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PC & Macs, fixed, cleaned up, remote access


black laptop computer
tower Pc and flat screen monitor
Sluggish, Slow and it doesn't have that snap it used to?

PC's and Macs all collect files, Browsers cache evey image and page, Storage fills up.  
It all contributes to slowing your system down.

Let me come and clean it up, organize it and show you the tools to maintain your systems
and when was the last time you cleaned your system from dust?

Did you just delete your dissertation or Mom's old images?
maybe not forever, Stop using your system and

Have an older system, that no longer runs the latest Windows apps?
There may still be life in the older hardware with Linux

Want some one to fix or clean your system without being there?
Remote Access is the answer.

Application Training: Office Suites,. Tools, Organization

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