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Graphics created for clients
AESOLN original graphic
An Engineeering Solution , acceoted design
A sketch on the back of a business card to final accepted logo

Old Emperor of the North logo
Emperor of the North updated logo
The original logo and it's redesigned version

SW Rail Watch logo proposal
SW Rail Watch logo
From a legal pad sketch to a correct semaphore blade and wheel.

ETI Origianl logo
ETI  Revised Logo
From a letterhead logo to a more dynamic attractive style

Theatre NM logo 2018
Proposed Theatre NM logo
A proposed logo from the existing one.
classic masks for recognition

Sandia PMC Guild logo for conference
An original logo for the Albuquerque PMC show
Used on the show's T-shirts
original images clutter
edited picture
Client's original image and the one that's in the family archives

original color imbalance
color corrected model
The original image and the sharpened, color corrected one.

Original Postcard Image
edited postcard image
An old postcard and the edited image

Evening a design label
a proposed label

Bryce 3D image
a favorite image
Original KDR logo
Original logo of KDR
email image
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